Recorded webinar

Understanding Racial Bias in Appraisal and the Impact of Technology

Presented by NAMMBA an Reggora

Racial disparity in the home buying process, and specifically the appraisal, is getting a lot of attention in the mortgage industry and across the country right now. In this webinar, Reggora CEO Brian Zitin will interview Jillian White, SRA and head of collateral at about the topic of racial bias in the appraisal process, how that could materialize, and how technology can make an impact.  

Hear from Reggora and NAMMBA for this recorded webinar to learn about: 

  • Individual vs. structural bias
  • How bias may materialize in the appraisal process
  • The potential role of data and technology 

Featured speakers include:

Brian Zitin, Co-Founder & CEO, Reggora

Jillian White, Head of Collateral,

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